EIT FAN Helsinki alumnus Tracegrow receives an investment from Nordic Foodtech VC

wheat crops in a field

From used alkaline batteries to organic certified fertilizers – Tracegrow Oy is scaling up with a new investment from Nordic Foodtech VC

Tracegrow Oy, a Finnish circular economy company, produces organic certified fertilizers from
used alkaline batteries. The company´s patented process is based on the separation of
micronutrients from recycled alkaline batteries and industrial side streams. Tracegrow’s
fertilisers are proven to reduce carbon emissions and enhance crop productivity compared to
traditional methods. Organic certified fertilizers are already available in 15 markets and now
technology development and market expansion are accelerated with a new investment from
Nordic Foodtech VC.

Tracegrow´s CEO Mikko Joensuu: “We are happy that leading foodtech investor in Nordics is
backing our growth. Nordic Foodtech VC is bringing insight, knowledge and networks from the
food system to our company. Together we see great potential in helping primary production in
transition towards more ecological and productive future.”

Nordic Foodtech VC is investing explicitly in the future of food and food technology. The fund is
enabling system level change and scale up Nordic innovations doing good for the people, planet
and society.

Mika Kukkurainen, partner and co-founder of Nordic Foodtech VC: “Reuse of non-renewable
natural resources is important for all of us. Tracegrow´s magic sounding technology enables
true circular economy and provides remarkable global potential. We are happy to join the
company and support their development and growth.”

More information:
Tracegrow Oy
Mikko Joensuu, CEO
+358 50 581 3267 | mikko.joensuu@tracegrow.com

Nordic Foodtech VC
Mika Kukkurainen, partner
+358 50 572 3817 | mika@nft.vc


Tracegrow participated in the EIT FAN Helsinki acceleration programme in 2021. Read more about the EIT FAN Helsinki programme here.