EIT Food Protein Diversification Think Thank launches Policy Brief

wheat crops in a field

At the intersection of sustainability, health, and resiliency, lies a critical shift in the proteins we produce and consume. A pivotal key, in fact, to envisioning a future where our planet thrives.

Why the urgency? Our current heavy reliance on resource-intensive animal-based proteins has placed our food system at the helm of an unsettling 26%-34% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The spotlight, therefore, needs to shift towards mitigating these harmful environmental impacts while supporting food security and nutrition for every individual. Undoubtedly, steering our focus towards protein diversification emerges as a paramount investment, championing unparalleled greenhouse gas emission reductions per euro in comparison to any other industry.

Europe is at the forefront of this transformation. The year 2023 witnessed a global momentum, with protein diversification gaining traction on political landscapes and regulatory spheres globally. Denmark has recently published the first-ever national action plan for transitioning to more plant-based foods, while France and the Netherlands committed significant R&I funds. Now, it’s Europe’s moment to shine and reshape food systems

Eager to immerse in this revolution? Dive into the freshly unveiled EIT Food Policy Brief titled “Accelerating Protein Diversification for Europe”, an insightful creation from Protein Diversification Think Tank. Help to shape the vision for a Europe that’s sustainable, resilient, and health-focused – access the policy brief here: https://bit.ly/3MgqkEd

Engage, deliberate, and be at the forefront of the protein future discussion!

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