FAN accelerator programme launched

For the past year, we have collaborated with VTT, Valio and the University of Helsinki to get the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s (EIT) Food Accelerator Network, FAN, to Finland. The incubator will concentrate on agri food and will be launched next summer.

Success requires thinking outside the box

So, why do we need a new incubator in Finland? Simply, we see so much potential in developing successful startups in the food industry.

We already have the knowhow, it just needs to be refined to thriving businesses. A startup faces multiple obstacles, but at least some of them we can overcome through the accelerator programme.

Agri food is a very complex field. Someone coming from outside the industry will probably be unfamiliar with our conventions. This can be beneficial, as we definitely need people who can think outside the box. Ordinary solutions are not enough to reshape the industry.

Experienced mentors drive success

FAN is the EIT Food consortium’s accelerator program, currently in its third year of operation. It’s a real pleasure to join this family, especially now that the program is in full swing.

FAN offers a four-month programme that is tailored to meet the individual needs of each member startup. Experts and mentors with vast industry and knowledge are available to answer even the more challenging questions.

The applications for FAN go through a Europe-wide selection process. Last year, there were 360 team applications, and the number is expected to rise this year. The 60 best teams get picked from the applications and they get to choose their location out of six European FAN cities.

This year, we hope to see an influx of applications from Finland and our neighbouring countries!