Mewery – Growing meat with love


This article is part of a blog series introducing the startup teams of the EIT Food Accelerator Network Helsinki 2023 programme.


Mewery is a company founded with the purpose of freeing animals, particularly pigs, from inhumane slaughter and providing a more sustainable alternative to traditional meat production. The company’s vision is optimistic yet realistic, aiming to create a world where cultivated meat replaces conventional meat, leading to significant environmental benefits.

The company was established by Roman Lauš and Kristýna Kvardová, along with the support of many enthusiastic individuals. Mewery combines business skills, enthusiasm, and a deep desire to stop animal slaughter. They envision a future where enough people opt for cultivated meat, causing the traditional livestock industry to become obsolete, similar to the decline of smoking in restaurants.

Mewery team

The Mewery team


By choosing cultivated meat, Mewery believes that it can contribute to saving the planet. We believe that this shift can result in saving 80% of agricultural land, 78% of water resources, and reducing emissions by 92%. These savings can be used for other purposes, such as preserving lakes and rainforests.

The company aims to offer a compassionate choice to individuals, believing that refraining from harming sentient beings leads to positive karma. We aspire to provide this opportunity to present and future generations, particularly our own children. Mewery’s primary focus is on developing cultivated pork meat products using a unique hybrid culture medium based on microalgae. This aspect differentiates us from other companies in the field. We are also actively working on optimizing cell lines, developing our own growth factors, and establishing the necessary bioprocesses for scaling up production.

Mewery’s cultivated meat not only eliminates the use of antibiotics but also incorporates vitamins and nutritional components derived from microalgae used in the cultivation process. They recognize the challenge of ensuring sufficient protein supply for the growing global population, and they believe that cultivated meat is not only a solution but also aligns with their vision.

Overall, Mewery’s vision revolves around creating a future where animals are freed from cruelty, the environment is protected, and sustainable cultivated meat becomes the norm.

Mewery and EIT

We applied for the EIT program because we recognized it as an opportunity to connect with professionals from various industry sectors, acquire new knowledge, and enhance our skills. So far, we have been delighted with the helpfulness of everyone involved. We made sure to involve most of our team, allowing each individual to choose the program components most relevant to them. This way, we aimed to gain the maximum benefit from all the workshops and one-on-one interactions. Undoubtedly, the program has provided us with numerous advantages, including valuable connections, useful tips, and the chance to meet potential partners.

We were truly impressed by VTT and the size of its well-organized team, consisting of highly qualified professionals.

If you are reading this and considering joining EIT for the upcoming year, we cannot do anything other than wholeheartedly support your decision! It will connect you with a fantastic community to showcase your company to investors and corporations from all over Europe.

Written by Petra Hegerová, Lab and Office Manager at Mewery

Find out more about Mewery on their website, and follow their journey on LinkedIn. Learn more about the EIT FAN Helsinki programme here.