Nutropy: Enabling the Next Generation of Cheese

Nutropy's plant-based cheese

This article is part of a blog series introducing the startup teams of the EIT Food Accelerator Network Helsinki 2023 programme.

Animal-free plug & play milk replacement for large-scale dairy applications

Dairy farming provides delicious products but at a high cost for our planet, our health and our cows. Nutropy is a French B2B pioneer startup enabling the next generation of sustainable cheese by developing a plug & play “cheeseable milk” replacement for dairy producers. Nutropy's plant-based cheese
We produce milk ingredients through our precision fermentation technology: milk proteins, caseins, and fatty acids, and develop a new raw material with our ingredients for the dairy industry. Casein is the cheese market’s game changer because it provides particular functionality that enables the production of cheese alternatives that are finally similar to conventional cheese.

Our process has the potential to use significantly fewer natural resources, emit less greenhouse gases, and use less water. Plus, our products are always free of lactose and cholesterol AND, they taste just as good as cow’s cheese. No animals involved, full cheese experience.

Founded by an alternative protein pioneer, Nathalie Rolland, and a recombinant protein specialist, Dr Maya Bendifallah, Nutropy is building upon its pluridisciplinary team of experts mastering molecular biology, fermentation, DSP and food science, controlling each step for optimized production cost and, of course, taste, texture and nutrition.

French cheese is a national pride. We want to enable a perfect cheese alternative for all cheese lovers all over the world. To do so, we’re looking for global corporate, research partners and investors.

EIT Fan Programme and Nutropy

We entered the EIT FAN programme to build networks and collaborations with the great EIT Food partners, notably with dairy and food producers. We were also very interested in working with well-renowned researchers from VTT who work on unlocking technical challenges to help progress our market access.

We are very happy so far to be a part of the EIT FAN programme. We have already engaged in very interesting discussions with relevant partners, and we’re very excited about the upcoming International Cellular Agriculture conference in Helsinki.

It is important to us to be working with multiple partners with various expertise to collaborate with them on the development of innovative products to build a stronger and more sustainable food system.

Written by Nutropy’s Nathalie Rolland, CEO, & Dr Maya Bendifallah, CSO

Cheese lovers or just curious? Find more about Nurtopy at, and follow their journey on LinkedIn. Learn more about the EIT FAN Helsinki programme here.

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