Say hello to the EIT FAN Helsinki hub 2022 cohort!

The EIT FAN Helsinki hub 2022 cohort team picture.

The EIT Food Accelerator Network Helsinki hub’s 2022 programme was kickstarted two weeks ago. The programme received plenty of interest also this year, and the numerous high-quality applications set the bar very high for this year’s cohort.

The previous two programmes have been very successful with a lot of positive feedback from the programme alumni – but the improvement ideas have also been considered. This year we’re grateful for the possibility of organising more interactive, on-site workshops & working sessions with the teams and programme partners. The programme will also be more personalised to meet the unique needs of the participants based on their maturity level.

This year we also received a new partner for the programme; welcome on board Lantmännen! The other fantastic local partners are familiar with us from the previous years, including Valio, Paulig/PINC, Nordea, and Nordic Foodtech VC.

Ten startups from seven different countries

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the selected startups! We will publish more comprehensive team introductions later on.


Online services for Climate Smart Food based on real-time LCA. Biocode is a tech company improving the planetary conditions for life.

From Finland.


Biovaaka provides comprehensive and scalable solutions to prevent and reduce food waste in restaurants and professional kitchens.

From Finland.


EOD’s Symbiosis-technology solution produces growth-boosting gases into irrigation water with nanobubbles. The solution is chemical-free, controls the microbial levels, and takes steps in the green transition.

From Finland.


Ecobean is turning coffee waste into useful raw materials and green products in the most sustainable and valuable way.

From Poland.

Fauna Smart Technologies

Fauna Smart Technologies is introducing a new parameter into a farming game: Plant Immunity, to redesign farming practices into greener, healthier and more efficient.

From Denmark.


Latvia-based company Fermentful produces plant-based drinks that are an easy way to take care of gut health. These fermented clean-label products are a new concept in the existing alt milk category.

From Latvia.


MonitorFish provides Aquafarmers with high-tech solutions, enabling them to produce healthy fish with minimal harm to the environment and thus enhance quality, growth and returns.

From Germany.


Montinutra is determined to create value by upscaling natural ingredients to food applications, using spruce sawdust as its raw material.

From Finland.


Re-Imagining the future of food by developing nutraceutical ingredients and bio-materials using insect bio-components.

From The Netherlands.


A digital platform for the food industry to measure, report, verify and incentivise (MRVi) positive climate and biodiversity impact down to farm level in their own supply chain.

From Sweden.


Read more about the EIT FAN programmes here, and follow the Helsinki hub’s journey on Food & Beyond’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.