Welcome to join the Food & Beyond collaboration platform!

Food & Beyond collaboration platform

Finally, the big day has come. We have been building the home base for the innovators and enablers of tomorrow’s Finnish food industry, and this is it. The Food & Beyond collaboration platform is now officially live, welcoming all of you to join!

Developed in collaboration with the Finnish agrifood community, the Food & Beyond collaboration platform aims to gather all the Finnish agrifood professionals with their unique approaches to drive food transformation and be the place for networking. It is made for sharing your team’s story, telling what’s cooking, seeking and announcing collaboration opportunities, and ideating with people with the same goal: making the future brighter with sustainable food solutions.

The platform is open for registration to everyone with the possibility to create closed groups, like the ones we already have for EIT FAN alumni and protein cluster members. The digital environment is targeted to Food & Beyond’s member organisations, food enthusiasts, and other food professionals. It bridges the gaps between new agrifood startups, academic groups, corporations, and investors to tighten collaboration and enhance innovation processes. The application can be used as a web application, but we highly recommend you to download the Food & Beyond mobile app from either App Store or Google Play.

Register for the platform here. You can either register as an individual or also register your organisation. When registering as an individual, you will automatically receive a link to the platform to fill in your profile. A platform admin will accept the profile to give full access to the digital environment.

On the other hand, the admins will create organisation pages manually. If you already have an account on the platform, the admin will add you under your organisation afterwards. If not, you will also receive an invitation to join the platform.

illustrative picture of food and beyond application

As a user, you can:

  • Create private and group chats with the platform users
  • Get familiar with all of the platform’s member organisations
  • Read and publish content on the platform – your content will reach food professionals and enthusiasts directly!
  • Announce events on the platform’s event calendar
  • Announce collaboration opportunities or find one yourself

We encourage you to surf around the platform, start conversations and take at least one less familiar name to introduce yourself to.

If you would like to publish content or announce upcoming events on the platform, ping the Food & Beyond’s communications partner and platform admin, Venla Kiminki. And we do hope to get a lot of informative content there: scientific publications, articles, news, company stories, press releases, etc. Especially in the beginning, feel free to reuse existing content from your company blog, for example, and deliver your message directly to the agrifood community.

We wish to get the Food & Beyond collaboration platform active to tighten the bonds between the agrifood industry professionals. We need all of you to put effort into it to accomplish this. The platform will only get as good as its users make it – so let’s take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to shape the future of food together!

For any improvement ideas, bug reporting, and adding content, don’t hesitate to contact Venla Kiminki either on the platform or via email at venla@digimarkkinointimuija.fi. The application is continuously developed, and we welcome all development ideas.

See you on the platform!