What does the future of food look like? Join our foresight training and find out

Food & Beyond, 11Helsinki Oy and VTT invite you to take a look at the future of the food industry. Organized in the fall of 2020, “From future signals to visions and solutions” is a participatory online training that provides you with the essential tools and methods for foresight and futures thinking. 

In order to succeed in an interconnected world businesses need to understand change. However, the use of foresight in identifying organizational opportunities is not yet very common. Tomorrow’s decisions are often made with yesterday’s data.

Cue futures thinking with its many tools and methods. Thanks to foresight it’s possible to spot new and relevant signals of change today and turn them into future opportunities.

Food & Beyond, 1Helsinki Oy and VTT’s foresight training provides you with systemic and systematic methods and practices for identifying relevant and alternative futures – and helps you translate them into concrete ideas and actions.

Together, the participants create cross-sectoral visions for the future of the food industry. Each participant will find their own unique role across these potential and alternative paths. The training is participatory, holistic, systematic and actionable. It will be led by futures designer Minna Koskelo from 11Helsinki Oy.

Get to know Minna, the trainer!

Minna is a pioneer and award-winning futures designer. Her contribution led to an EU-level trademark establishment called Futures Fit®. With this approach she helps organizations and people learn about and co-design desired futures. Minna has over 15 years of experience and has trained hundreds of experts in the public and private sectors. Her systematic and clear approach has been widely acknowledged. Minna is also the founder and leader of the Futures Finland association which develops foresight in Finland. Additionally, Minna is a co-founder of Futures Day.

When and where?

The training consists of three separate sessions:

1st session: October 8th, 2020.
2nd session: November 5th, 2020.
3rd session: December 10th, 2020.

The training sessions take place physical environment (Helsinki or Espoo). However, if conditions don`t allow meeting face to face, sessions can take place in a digital environment. Participants will do specific individual and team-specific assignments in an online environment in between sessions.

For whom?

This training is designed for different-size companies and organizations in the fields of food and beverages, packaging and materials, logistics and delivery, sales channels and store concepts and primary production.

If your job has to do with leading and seeking innovation, R&D functions, thriving business and market intelligence, identifying new business opportunities, strategic decision-making and direction-setting or leading business and production, this training will be valuable for you!

In a nutshell: this training is for you, if you want to…

… learn how to recognize, monitor and evaluate signals of change – cut through the noise to find out what’s relevant.

… understand how to utilize signals of change in innovation and decision making.

… develop industry foresight and understand where the operational environment is heading.

… gain futures preparedness in your organization and understand necessary capabilities in futures thinking.

… position your organization as the forerunner and become a proactive futures designer

…. sneak a peek at the futures of food industry.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the training sessions! Check the registration info below and register here by September 1st.

Registration information

Price: 1800€ + VAT 24 % per participant

Registration by 1.9.2020

Note: Limited seats for the training.


Further information:

Mirva Lampinen, Co-creation Manager