The best way to predict the future is to create it

No one can predict the future. The best bet is to shape it yourself. We enable cross-sector collaboration to inspire new ways of working and to provide opportunities for businesses to respond to consumer and societal needs.

This is what you get


Networking & Matchmaking
– meet your fellow game changers

  • Networking via regular meetups
  • Matchmaking across the whole food value chain

Sharing knowledge & co-creating
– learn from the best

  • Sharing inspiration
  • Acquiring knowledge through brainstorming
  • Supportive start-up community

Concrete piloting
– turn ideas into reality

  • Workshops
  • Living labs for experimenting

Visibility & Funding – assets to take ideas forward

  • Visibility into other food ecosystems
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Help for public and joint funding

Our shared goals

  1. 1

    Fast development

    Capitalize on existing living labs (e.g. TestEat) and create new ways to quickly test business models.

  2. 2

    Shared R&D model

    Enable companies of all sizes to participate in R&D to tackle global challenges.

  3. 3

    Boost sustainable food production

    Boost the export potential of sustainable food production through cross-sectoral business development (food, equipment manufacturing, industrial biotechnology, ICT, IoT, health tech, logistics etc.).

  4. 4

    Our brave long-term goal: making Finland a global leader in food innovation

    We will make Finland a globally recognized, visionary leader in innovative food products and services along with cutting-edge processes and technologies.

Who should join us

Everyone plays a role in creating innovative solutions. Our collective is based on mutual collaboration, which develops synergies between all actors. To drive genuine change, we need partners of various sizes and from different fields of expertise. This is why we are actively negotiating with new, potential collaborators.

Our collective brings together and supports:

  • Enterprises, small and medium businesses and start ups
  • Universities, research and technology organisations and universities of applied sciences
  • Private investors, public financiers and enablers
  • Test beds and living labs with cities, municipalities and stakeholders

Perhaps you and your organisation should join the list?