Shaping a brighter future for food – together

Predicting the future is hard. The best bet is to shape it yourself. We believe joining forces is the key to creating a positive future through food and innovation.

To maximise our impact, we bring together all players interested in the future of food solutions. This synergy enables cross-sector collaboration, inspires new ways of working and provides opportunities for businesses to respond to the needs of consumers and society as a whole.

It’s time for less talk, more action.

Our shared goals

  1. 1

    Fast development

    We pursue fast development through different forms of collaboration, ranging from quick tests to longer research projects

  2. 2

    Shared resources

    We enable companies of all sizes to participate in shared R&D projects as well as smaller-scale collaborations and experiments that tackle global challenges.

  3. 3

    Boost sustainable food production

    We boost the export potential of sustainable food production through cross-sectoral business development combining, for example, food, equipment manufacturing, industrial biotechnology, ICT, IoT, health tech and logistics.

  4. 4

    Make Finland a global leader in food innovation

    Our brave long-term goal is to make Finland a globally recognised, visionary leader in innovative food products and services, blazing the trail with cutting-edge processes and technologies.

Our collective brings together the great minds of food

To drive genuine change, we need partners of all sizes, from different fields of expertise. Our collective brings together and supports:

  • Companies from small startups to large enterprises
  • Research organisations
  • Investors, financiers and enablers
  • Public sector organisations