Cultivated Biosciences is revolutionizing Plant-Based Dairy

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This article is part of a blog series introducing the startup teams of the EIT Food Accelerator Network Helsinki 2023 programme.


A Unique Approach

The Swiss startup Cultivated Biosciences is leading the way in revolutionizing the plant-based dairy industry. Founded in 2021, the company is on a mission to address the challenges of replicating the customer experience of traditional dairy products without using animal-based ingredients. With their innovative fermentation process, Cultivated Biosciences aims to provide vegan food producers with a game-changing ingredient that mimics the mouthfeel of real dairy.

Cultivated Biosciences is determined to recreate the texture and creaminess consumers love in traditional dairy products. The company aims to provide vegan food producers with a high-fat cream substitute indistinguishable from dairy in terms of mouthfeel and color.

This versatile ingredient can be tailored to the specific needs of their vegan dairy-brand clients, whether they are producing yogurt, cheese, ice cream, or other dairy alternatives. Similar to dairy processing, Cultivated Biosciences can concentrate, dilute, or dry the cream, allowing for flexibility in product development.

Advantages and Impact

Cultivated Biosciences’ ingredient offers several key advantages that set it apart from other alternatives in the market. Its creamy-like texture, high emulsification properties, and customizable fatty acid profile and protein content make it a standout choice for vegan food producers.

Beyond the competitive advantage, Cultivated Biosciences is dedicated to reducing resource usage and greenhouse gas emissions while promoting circularity integration. Their Life Cycle Assessment reveals that their cream has a ten times lower greenhouse gas impact than dairy cream. Additionally, the company plans to utilize side streams and resell by-products, ensuring minimal waste and maximum sustainability.

Looking Ahead

Cultivated Biosciences is targeting a vast market opportunity as it progresses towards commercialization. In 2023, the company plans to collaborate with selected clients to explore high-value savory applications. This opens up exciting partnership opportunities in the U.S. and the European food market. In parallel, Cultivated Biosciences is looking to scale up their production with research organizations and co-manufacturers.

Cultivated Biosciences is currently raising a seed round.

The Cultivated Biosciences team.

The Cultivated Biosciences team.

Join the Plant-Based Dairy Revolution

To learn more about Cultivated Biosciences and its groundbreaking approach to plant-based dairy, visit our website. Stay updated with our latest developments by following us on LinkedIn.

Cultivated Biosciences is proud to be a part of the EIT Food Acceleration Network (FAN) Helsinki program, which supports innovative startups like ours in the food and agriculture sector. Through this partnership, we are contributing to the growth and visibility of the EIT FAN program, driving positive change in the industry. Learn more about the EIT FAN Helsinki program here.

Written by Lucie Rein, CCO at Cultivated Biosciences

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