Mind your microbes with Fermentful’s green buckwheat-based functional drinks

Fermentful - green buckwheat-based kefir bottles

This article is part of a blog series introducing the startup teams of the EIT Food Accelerator Network Helsinki 2022 programme.

Fermentful is a Latvia-based foodtech company incorporated in June 2020 that develops and produces GUTlicious fermented alt-milk beverages out of organic green buckwheat. They are unlocking the power of Baltic region superfoods by applying fermentation technology to achieve science-approved, highly nutritious clean-label products packed with beneficial live microorganisms that contribute to better health and life.

Fermentful products are the answer to the growing awareness of gastrointestinal health and its importance on overall wellbeing, alongside the increasing food intolerances, allergies, and food-based lifestyle choices.

“There is another universe within us that consists of trillions of microbes. 90% of cells in our body are microbial, and only 10% are human cells,” says Anda Penka, co-founder and CEO of Fermentful. “This fact massively changes the way we think about ourselves and the food we consume.”

Fermentful can be used not only as a healthy and nutritious drinkable snack in or between meals; with Fermentful, you can ferment most of the food you eat as a part of the cooking process to make it easier to digest and boost its nutritional value. Explore more about delicious fermented food recipes here.


Fermentful - green buckwheat-based kefir in a porridge


Researchers continue to discover how healthy and probiotic-rich food can be offered as new medicines to boost immunity, improve digestion and support mental wellbeing. It is the easiest way to maintain and restore health.

“We worked closely with food scientists and technologists to develop the right recipe and technology for our product to achieve the quality and health properties we aimed for,” reveals Oksana Dave, co-founder and CTO of Fermentful. “EIT Food Accelerator Network brings amazing networking opportunities for us to continue the product R&D process regarding shelf life extension.”

There are many oat, coconut, almond and cashew-based milks and yoghurts in the market. “We aimed to find a local ingredient that is a novelty in the plant-based dairy market. Besides, it should be nutritious, allergen-free and sustainable. That’s why we chose green buckwheat,” says Anda Penka.

Fermentful team: Anda Penka & Oksana Dave

Fermentful’s co-founders: Anda Penka, CEO, on the left and Oksana Dave, CTO, on the right.

By applying the right microorganisms and developed fermentation technology, Fermentful is transforming green buckwheat groats into a clean, healthy, and creamy functional drink with pleasant palatability. Unflavoured Fermentful drink has been successfully launched in the Latvian market already, and three more products with flavours will be launched in October. To develop products with flavours, other superfood ingredients like lingonberries, sea buckthorns and cacao are used to boost product functional properties.

“We are one step away from starting cooperation with one of the biggest retail chains in the Baltics this autumn. It will allow us to significantly increase our sales volumes and make Fermentful products easily available to its customers,” adds Anda. “Nevertheless, being selected for the EIT FAN Helsinki cohort this year helped us to redesign our go-to-market strategy for the Finnish market and opened doors for us to enter this market already this autumn.”

Written by Anda Penka and Oksana Dave.


Visit Fermentful’s website, and follow their journey on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn. Learn more about the EIT FAN Helsinki programme here.